Refund/Retake Policy

Refund/Retake Policy  

This new refund policy is in effect as of November 1, 2016. 

Any student who pays for their courseware to VLC directly (via PayPal or similar web payment) has a period of 7 days after the class opens in which they can drop the class and receive a 100% refund; this drop MUST be turned into the school and verified by VLC before any refunds are processed. After 7 days into the class, students dropping will forfeit a $25 administration fee and will receive the remainder as a refund. After 30 days, there will be no refund given for any drops/withdrawals.

Please note: deadlines for refunds are based off the date a class officially opens, NOT the date a student pays for the course. Late adds to a course will be given some leniency, allowing them 7 days after they are enrolled to the class for a full refund.

For those retaking a course, if a student has previously paid full price for a courseware and is retaking the course for whatever reason (failed, late drop, etc.), that student need only pay an administration fee of $25 to reopen the courseware under the new enrollment. If a student retaking the course received a refund of any kind (whether full or partial), the student is required to pay the full price to retake.  

Please note: No work from a student’s previous attempt will transfer to a new enrollment under any circumstances, regardless of what percentage of the courseware was completed. Students retaking a course will be required to start from the beginning.




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